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Welcome to the website of the European Energy Institute

The European Energy Institute is a non-profit organisation, bringing together some of Europe's leading energy academics. It was established to meet the need for better co-ordination between the existing academic expertise in Europe on energy issues and to ensure a real academic input into both Community and national decision-making on energy issues.

Overall goals

The vision, or global goal, is to set up a European high-level think tank & education centre, focussing on the technical-economic-legal issues which manifest themselves in liberalised energy markets (of especially natural gas and electricity) in Europe, taking place in an ecologically more demanding environment. This European Energy Institute (EEI) has the ambition to become the place where knowledgeable people meet, reflect on, and discuss important energy-related issues, where material is developed to support the different actors in the field, in particular policymakers such as legislators and regulators, and where high-level comprehensive energy-related education and practical professional training are offered.
Populated and run by European connoisseurs of the energy scene, and as an interdisciplinary consortium of renowned universities, the EEI will establish a high level multidisciplinary training programme, supported by high-level research & studies, the outcome of which will be communicated through discussion and position papers, formal standpoints and peer-reviewed papers in a dedicated Journal.

The EEI has the ambition to cover three strongly overlapping and interacting areas:

- well functioning liberalized energy markets (including short-term security
  of supply of power delivery);

- strategic security of supply of primary energy sources;

- the greenhouse gas issue -Kyoto and post-Kyoto- (including the roles to
  be played by renewables, energy efficiency, and the use of instruments 
  to reduce environmental impacts).

More about the EEI: PDF brochure.


The activities of the EEI are currently focussed on its participation within the Energy Thinktank "THINK", see