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European review of energy markets.

This Review has been conceived to meet the need for a real focus on energy-related matters especially in Europe, but also elsewhere. It has the ambition to confront technical, economic, judicial and environmental ‘truths’, viewpoints or schools of thought, so as to reveal the real multi- and interdisciplinary nature of the energy scene. Furthermore, we hope that this journal can also serve as an interesting platform for addressing different geographical approaches in Europe with regard to energy markets, and especially the influence on neighboring countries with regard to energy policies, legislation & regulatory affairs, and environmental constraints.

The fact that the title of the Review contains the word "market", does not imply a restriction to the recently liberalized markets of electricity and gas.   Although the (r)evolutions taking place in those two markets are unmistakably a wonderful playground for energy researchers of all kinds, and related subjects will naturally be covered extensively in the journal, other energy carriers, (re)sources and sectors are also of uttermost importance and will get the publication space they deserve. Indeed, the present-day challenges related to the strategic security of supply, the geopolitical context and the high primary-energy prices, the environmental constraints and the desire to strive for a sustainable energy provision, beg for a comprehensive and integrated approach on energy matters, since most domains strongly interact with each other.

The "European Review of Energy Markets" will serve three major purposes. First and foremost, it will provide publication space for papers communicating original research, properly peer reviewed. Second, the Review will act as the prime vehicle to voice the viewpoints of the EEI Academics as a group. Third, the Review will invite particular actors of the energy scene who whish to convey an important message to other market players.

As a rule, the issues cover a particular topic by means of review papers. However, papers based on original work are accepted if they pass the reviewing process.


The publication of the EREM has temporarely been suspended. The electronic archive of EREM, Vol. 1-3 is found below.

The major viewpoints of the EEI members are found in the THINK reports, see


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Issue 9: Energy regulation


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