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David Newbery

Picture David NewberyRecent and Present activities:
1966-88: Assistant Lecturer, then Lecturer and Reader, Faculty of Economics, Cambridge, UK
1981-83: Division Chief, Public Economics Division, World Bank (while on unpaid leave)
1987-88: Ford Visiting Professor at University of California, Berkeley
1988-2003: Director of Department of Applied Economics, Cambridge, UK
since 1988: Professor of Applied Economics, University of Cambridge, UK

BA (Mathematics and Economics) Cambridge, UK, 1965;
PhD Cambridge, 1976; ScD Cambridge, 2001;
honorary degree, Antwerp, 2004.

David Newbery is a Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, a Fellow of the Econometric Society and of the British Academy. He was President of the European Economic Association in 1996 and was awarded the Frisch Medal of the Econometric Society (for his paper on road externalities), the Harry Johnson Prize of the Canadian Economic Association in 1993 and the IAEE 2002 Outstanding Contributions to the Profession of Energy Economics Award. He was an Associate Editor of The Economic Journal from 1977-2000, and of European Economic Review from 1988-93. He has been a member of the Environmental Economics Academic Panel, Department of the Environment (now DEFRA) since 1992, a member of the Competition Commission from 1996-2002, and chair of the Dutch Electricity Market Surveillance Committee from 2001-5. Research interests in public policy, regulation, privatisation, electricity, environment, road pricing, economic transformation of Eastern Europe, taxation, development economics, and economic theory.

Books: 8;
Articles in refereed journals: 99;
Chapters in books: 65;
ESRC grants: Principal investigator in 10 ESRC grants 1989-2003; CMI Electricity Project 2002-...

Some Recent Electricity Publications:
- Privatization, Restructuring and Regulation of Network Utilities, MIT Press, 2000
- A European Market for Electricity? (With others), London: Centre for Economic Policy Research, 1999.
- 'Mediating market power in electricity networks', (w/R. Gilbert, K. Neuhoff), Rand Journal of Economics, 2004
- 'Regulatory challenges to European electricity liberalisation' Swedish Economic Policy Review, 9(2), Fall, 2003, 9-44.
- 'Network capacity auctions: promises and problems', Utilities Policy, 2003, 11, 27-32
- 'Regulating Unbundled Network Utilities', Economic and Social Review, 33(1), Spring, 2002, 23-42.
- 'Problems of liberalising the energy utilities', European Economic Review, 46, 2002, 919-927.
- 'Competition, Contracts and Entry in the Electricity Spot Market', RAND Journal of Economics, 1998, 726-49.)
- 'Privatisation and Liberalisation of Network Utilities', European Economic Review, 1997, 357-83
- 'The Restructuring and Privatisation of the CEGB- Was it worth it', (w/M. Pollitt) J. Ind. Econ, 1997, 269-303.
- 'Power Markets and Market Power', Energy Journal, 1995, 41-66.
- 'Restructuring and Privatising Electric Utilities in Eastern Europe', Economics of Transition, 1994, 291-316
- 'Competition in the British Electricity Spot Market', (w/R. Green), J. Pol. Econ. 1992, 929-53.